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A little brag!

I was asked to take some photos at a recent family event at a well known pub.

I took my camera, a flash unit and a few triggers. Space was limited but the weather was holding with sunny spells so I used outside. There was a white wall and the sun was bouncing off it. I decided to use this as a background and fill flash.

It worked well. I was faced with a young member of the family who was shy. So I decided to stick to simple poses.

I grabbed this one:

I was amazed that a few days later the official Whitehouse photographer, Regine Mehaux, released the official photo of the first lady, Melania Trump. Now as a photographer I know that you don’t always get to push the boundaries but this was, in my opinion, anticlimactic for the subject!

Anyway, it was a little bit of bragging, mine was first!


… and it’s back

I’ve finished my 3 year stretch and I’m back in the land of Weirdpress (that was a typo but I’m keeping it!)

So much has happened, I’ve got an honours degree, I loved and lost, I loved and won, as well as expanded my artistic consciousness! Decided that I’m now going to expand it further with an MSc!

So what have I learned? Loads… What? The years in one sentence? OK!

“We are all on a journey. Sometimes seeing the path ahead is awesome and sometimes it’s better to go one step at a time! You can stop a while but you can’t go back. Others join you on your journey, sometimes for a long time and sometimes it’s fleeting, enjoy the company or accept the presence, and keep moving!

3 years in one sentence was never going to happen in a single blog post but as the blog continues!

You have joined me on my journey by reading this! How awesome is that!


Beach posing 101

Couple posing time

I’m getting more and more commissions for couples… every age group, I didn’t want the cheesy poses, a little creativity needs sprinkled on top…  I was doing a creative art project next to the beach, absolutely nothing to do with sand sea and sun but you know models and the attraction of sand and sea… so here we go:


A little tip of the hat to f64 and a chance to breathe

I needed to get out and get some fresh air… woke with a headache which meant I wandered slowly through Finlaystone Country Estate… it was a good call. The first 2 are inspired by Ansel Adams and Imogen Cunningham, the latter is an inspiration (at a ripe old age she did some great street photography – her self portrait in a shop window is wonderous)

The other images are part of projects.

Out and About

Out and About

Imogen Cunningham inspired

Imogen Cunningham inspired

Canopy - Oxygen Flute

Canopy – Oxygen Flute

Rusty the Moth

Rusty the Moth


Getting that summer feeling

It’s Scotland, summer is when the rain is warm and the midgies are well fed!

Actually we have great weather over the summer but it feels that way 🙂

This is my ‘feel good’ image… I Love The Beach

I love the Beach

I love the Beach



Reaching the crossroads of the journey in life

Trial Separation

Life faces challenges we need to overcome

Honours Degree finished and although I do have a greater appreciation, however, at 53 what difference does this give me in life.

It’s been a fantastic part of my journey in life, so I am ready to embrace a life more creative… what all that means I cannot grasp at the moment, I am relying on the fact that when I completed the degree in May last year I didn’t see the changes in my art until July, when someone pointed the difference in my approach from the year before.

Anyway… Have I got it? This is a piece called “Trial Separation”, initially when I happened upon this scene I was thinking about Gursky’s “Rhine”. I like the layers and the symmetry. The key to this is my interest in benches and how people use them… the narrative that came to mind here is the separation of the benches by the immovable lamp post… I have planned to return to this and put people in for a series of images.

Have I become “arty”?


Before I cut the grass (4 images)