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Strength of a Woman

Strength of a Woman

A Test Shoot Edit (see image below)

I was in search of a shoot location where we can bring some meaty bikes into for a charity shoot I’m planning depicting strong women, it’s for a few charities I give my time too.

From the image below… We had a barn old stable location and since I had Rachael and Annie with me I played, as we photographers do!!!  If I had an MUA on this shoot I would have planned a little more of a gritty shot so I need to rely on a little post processing. However, it’s in the bag for later!

I would have prefered this shot to be rougher looking, playing with the old weathered wood and the barbed wire, so a touch of  HDR, a little selecting sharpening, dodged the bits that needed dodged and brought the eyes back in the them all… lets the beauty shine through from the eyes… so not the run of the mill fashion shot any more, now the tough and strong woman shot…

I prefer the one above!

Behind Barbed Wire

Behind Barbed Wire

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