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Scenes from a Dreich Day

From my set “On a Dreich Scottish Day”. I had the opportunity to stop in a site survey/site test (I was shooting models) and while the models changed (into something warmer) I was looking about for compositions that interest me… We were at an old deserted farmhouse up in the Scottish hills, the clouds had fallen onto the hills and the quality of light changed. This was once a perimeter wall which has fallen and been partially repatriated by nature… gotta love nature!
A wall being reclaimed by nature

A wall being reclaimed by nature

Nettles on one side, wire fence on the other, I can only wonder at the wall builder who fought the elements and stood proud on it’s completion! I tip my hat to the man/men who brought this together, it might be getting clawed back by nature but it still stands in part, a legacy that remains untold!


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